Edwin Dove

My first memory of the Blackie will always be the inflatable. The whole scene was like the old breakfast television show ‘Tis Was’set,loads of noise and excitement. There was a long tube in the basement that ran all the way to a room where movies were shown. We would see who could get through the quickest and it was just memorable as a kid.
I could never forget Radio Doom at the Blackie. Their disco was the best in Liverpool. They also had an amazing light show that had to be the most innovative in the city. They played all the latest tunes from the States and we spent most of our time perfecting the latest dance moves while trying to get copies of the tunes from Kevin Mac.
My final memory of the Blackie as a young man was really the last time I had contact until many years later. I remember that we were told that the building was going to be refurbished, and would be closed for a short while. I was imagining that we would be coming back to some top of the range building, it never happened.
Initially I started working for the Civil Service for a while. Soon I was to be head hunted to be involved in a local education centre’s Music Workshop. I accepted the position of Music Tutor at the Charles Wotton Centre for Further Education,providing music tuition to the local community. I soon found myself entrenched in community politics.
My next appointment was at the heart of community politics - unemployment. I became Co-ordinator for the Merseyside Skill Training Initiative (MST). It had been established that there were no ‘ethnic minorities’ in middle management positions in Liverpool. The initiative was designed to redress the imbalance and met with some success.
I worked for Liverpool City Council for many years as a Community Development Officer. My brief was to link with voluntary groups and organisations in the L8 area funded by the Council. The job gave me an insight into Liverpool’s voluntary sector. I have since qualified as a teacher of Information Technology and am based in Toxteth Community College.