Joseph Brodie

I remember being in charge of the credits for an animated cartoon called ‘Three Feary Tales’. I worked with Steve Knox, Judy Thomas, Wendy and Bill.
I recall working with Bill on the choreography of a mixed music project for children. The event was held on the first floor. I also went with Sally to the Prince of Wales Trust Fund and to the Marks and Spencer Trust to raise money for the Black-E.
I cooked for the first time at the Blackie. It was a project called ‘Cooking in The Dome’. We made cakes, scones and apple crumble in the Blackie dome and took the food to school.
I helped in the Blackie as a Volunteer when I was a teenager and learnt many things that enhanced my ability to work and converse with adults. I supported some of the kids going to the Elliot Clarke Dance School in London Road.
In 1989 I had been unemployed for 5 years. Bill Harpe gave me a CD on opportunities in the Post Office. I ended up working in the Postal Service for 14 years.
As far as I’m concerned if the Blackie wasn’t there I would not have had the same principles I have today. The place made me a better person. Bill and Wendy had a major influence on my life.