Linda Lewis

My aunty Lived in Pitt St around the corner from the Blackie. I used to do photography and art stuff as a teenager at the Blackie. I remember the building having statues all around it outside and looking quite gothic. It seemed that the Blackie volunteers were from all over the world and knew many languages.
Sunday could never come too soon it was the night that the Blackie had its disco with Radio Doom we knew all the latest dances, a gang of us from Liverpool 8 went every week, we never missed a Sunday. We were experts at the Cha Cha and doing the bump.
Wendy and Bill invited us to a theatre in London. I remember it was funded by Peter Moores, we went to his home. We then went to a theatre where Bill and Wendy gave a presentation on the work of the Blackie if that wasn’t enough we ended the evening with a night out in the West End of London.
I now have a family and Grandchildren. I spent a number of years working within Child Care protection. I soon found myself having to give up work to concentrate on bringing up my own family. I always used the morals and principles I had experienced during my Blackie days.
I worked in London for a period on an Audio and Visual project, it turned out that the boss was from Liverpool while the rest of the staff came from all over the world. It was a positive period in my life and like the Blackie it was a mixture of cultures working together.
I am very proud of my daughter Azana who went to university in London to study Media Studies. This was something I had always wanted to do in my life and now my daughter is carrying out my dream, she has successfully passed her exams and is now settled in London with her family.